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'Vanaras' 8mm bb adaptor for 40mm M203 gas grenade
*#Code: vns_3004
Price: US$6.49 US$0.65
Weight: 0.2kg
'Vanaras' 40mm white star parachute gas cartridge (M583A1)
*#Code: vns_3006
Price: US$32.49 US$6.50
Weight: 0.3kg
(lot of 2) 'Vanaras' 40mm white star parachute replacement (M583A1)
*Code: vns_3009
Price: US$1.99 US$0.80
Weight: 0.1kg
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(lot of 2) 'Vanaras' 40mm green star parachute replacement (M661)
*Code: vns_3010
Price: US$1.99 US$0.80
Weight: 0.1kg
(lot of 2) 'Vanaras' 40mm red star parachute replacement (M662)
#Code: vns_3011
Price: US$1.99
Weight: 0.1kg
'Vanaras' 1st Ver. and 2nd Ver. POM gas grenade inlet valve replacement
Code: vns_3012
Price: US$3.49
Weight: 0.02kg
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'Vanaras' 40mm 36 shots M203 gas grenade with dummy war head
#Code: vns_3001
Price: US$27.49
Weight: 0.3kg
4 people like Like this product
'Vanaras' 40mm green star parachute gas cartridge (M661)
*Code: vns_3007
Price: US$32.49 US$6.50
Weight: 0.3kg
'Vanaras' 40mm red star parachute gas cartridge (M662)
*#Code: vns_3008
Price: US$32.49 US$6.50
Weight: 0.3kg
'Vanaras' 2nd Ver. M203 40mm POM Non-Reset type gas grenade
Code: vns_3013
Price: US$21.99
Weight: 0.2kg
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