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'Fenix' red filter adapter for PD / LD series flashlight
Code: lgt_0074
Price: US$4.49
Weight: 0.01kg
'Fenix' large diffuser tip for TK11/TK12 (White)
#Code: lgt_0072_wh
Price: US$4.49
Weight: 0.05kg
'Fenix' AR102 remote pressure Switch for TK12 (AR102)
#Code: lgt_0071
Price: US$20.99
Weight: 0.1kg
Fenix' small diffuser tip for PD30 / LD20 (Selectable)
Code: lgt_0069_wh
Price: US$4.49
Weight: 0.01kg
'Fenix' light weight and portable LED anglelight (Black - MC10)
*#Code: lgt_0068_blk
Price: US$60.99 US$30.50
Weight: 0.2kg
'Fenix' mini LED headlamp with max 105 lumens (HL20)
#Code: lgt_0067
Price: US$45.99
Weight: 0.2kg
'Fenix' Cree XR-E LED (Q5) with lifespan flashlight (LD20)
#Code: lgt_0066
Price: US$65.99
Weight: 0.2kg
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'Fenix' Cree Premium (R2) 7090 XR-E LED flashlight (TK11 R2 upgraded edition)
#Code: lgt_0064
Price: US$88.99
Weight: 0.3kg
'Fenix' 630 lumens high intensity LED flashlight with wctension tube (TK30)
#Code: lgt_0062
Price: US$154.99
Weight: 0.4kg
'Fenix' Cree XR-E LED (R2) LED flashlight (PD30)
Code: lgt_0065
Price: US$71.99
Weight: 0.2kg
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