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'AITELI' Self Balancing Electric Unicycle
Code: SBU-OD-D3-508-BE
US$269.99 (HK$2,051.92)
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'SJCAM' SJ4000 Full HD 1080P Waterproof Action Camera Sport DVR
Code: tag_1991_blk
US$79.99 (HK$607.92)

'SJCAM' M10 WiFi Mini Cube Action Camera Standard Version 1.5 Inch Waterproof HD Camcorder Car DVR
Code: tag_1990_blk
US$108.99 (HK$828.32)

SJ2000 Full HD 1080P Action Camera Helmet Motorcycle Bike Camera (Black)
Code: tag_1989
US$79.99 (HK$607.92)

'Madbull' Ferfrans Dummy Concussion Reduction Device (MB-FF-CRD)
Code: mad_0371
US$89.99 (HK$683.92)

'AY' Full Metal Linear Comp Flash Hider 'Stubby Killer' M4 CQB RIS AEG Rifle (AY-0009A)
Code: gun_1517
US$127.99 (HK$972.72)

'AY' Full Metal SB Comp Flash Hider 'Stubby Killer' M4 CQB RIS AEG Rifle (SAY-0008A)
Code: gun_1516
US$127.99 (HK$972.72)

'AY' Full Metal 7" Inch URX M4 AEG (AY-0007A)
Code: gun_1515
US$147.99 (HK$1,124.72)

'AY' Full Metal 10.5" Inch URX M4 AEG Rifle (AY-0005A)
Code: gun_1514
US$151.99 (HK$1,155.12)

'SJCAM' SJ4000 WiFi 1080P Full HD Action Camera Sport DVR
Code: tag_1988_blk
US$99.99 (HK$759.92)

'Hornbill Products' Complete Q.D. Gearbox M140 Spring for Umarex G36 AEG
Code: prt_1280
US$75.99 (HK$577.52)

'Hornbill Products' Complete Q.D. Gearbox M80 Spring for Umarex G36 EBB AEG
Code: prt_1279
US$69.99 (HK$531.92)

'Spartan Doctrine' +14mm CW to -14mm CCW MP5K Silencer Adapter for TM MP5K PDW (SD-AD-08)
Code: muz_0352
US$7.99 (HK$60.72)

'Hakkotsu (APS)' Z1 CAP Combat Adaptive Pistol (Z1CAP)
Code: gun_1513
US$84.99 (HK$645.92)

'KOER' Benelli M4 Super 90 Tri-Barrel Tactical Short Shotgun with Full Stock (K1207ZS)
Code: gun_1511
US$41.99 (HK$319.12)

'KOER' Benelli M4 Super 90 Tri-Barrel Tactical Short Shotgun (K1203ZS)
Code: gun_1510
US$38.99 (HK$296.32)

'E&C' Full Metal 14.5"(Inch) UXR 4 Style M4 AEG (EC315 - Assorted Markings)
Code: gun_1509
US$189.99 (HK$1,443.92)

'E&C' Full Metal 13"(Inch) UXR 4 Style M4 AEG (EC314 - Assorted Markings)
Code: gun_1508
US$184.99 (HK$1,405.92)

'E&C' Full Metal 10"(Inch) UXR 4 Style M4 AEG (EC313 - Assorted Markings)
Code: gun_1507
US$178.99 (HK$1,360.32)

'5KU' Stainless 7mm Ball Bearing Bushing Set for Ver.2 / Ver.3 Gearbox Set of 6pcs (5KU-49)
Code: prt_1283
US$8.99 (HK$68.32)

'PPS' CO2 Conversion Kit for A&K Bolt Action SVD Rifle (PPS-12047 / PPS-0046)
Code: prt_1282
US$55.99 (HK$425.52)

'PPS' Steel Spring Guide Stopper For VSR-10 Series (PPS-14010 / PPS-0047)
Code: prt_1281
US$4.49 (HK$34.12)

'PPS' Stainless Steel Safety Selector For MNB Series (PPS-AS-GG-01-50 / PPS-0045)
Code: kit_1024
US$11.99 (HK$91.12)

'PPS' Real Fiber Optic Tube for GBB Sight (PPS-FS&RS-03 / PPS-0044)
Code: aim_0531
US$3.99 (HK$30.32)

'PPS' Mosin Nagant Sling (OD)
Code: tag_1987
US$20.99 (HK$159.52)

'PPS' Metal M870 Pump Action Gas Shotgun
Code: gun_1504
US$239.99 (HK$1,823.92)

'PPS' Plastic Shells for PPS M870 Shotgun (Set of 5)
Code: amo_0150
US$29.99 (HK$227.92)

'PPS' Aluminium Gas Shells for PPS M870 Shotgun (Set of 5)
Code: amo_0149
US$71.99 (HK$547.12)

'PPS' 74g Ajustable CO2 Charger (PPS-0037)
Code: amo_0148
US$85.99 (HK$653.52)

'PPS' 12g Ajustable CO2 Charger (PPS-0034)
Code: amo_0147
US$58.99 (HK$448.32)

'DJI' Spreading Wings S900 Professional Aerial Photographers and Cinematographers
Code: RC-DJI-S900
US$1,505.99 (HK$11,445.52)

'DJI' Spreading Wings S1000+ Professional Aerial Photographers and Cinematographers
Code: RC-DJI-S1000P
US$3,937.89 (HK$29,927.96)

'DJI' Inspire 1 GPS Quadcopter RTF Kit (Dual Transmitters)
US$3,639.99 (HK$27,663.92)

'DJI' Inspire 1 GPS Quadcopter RTF Kit (Single Trasnmitter)
US$3,106.99 (HK$23,613.12)

'DJI' FlameWheel F450 Quadcopter ARF Kit V2 with DJI E300 Tuned Propulsion System
Code: RC-DJI-F450-E300-ARF
US$203.99 (HK$1,550.32)

'DJI' Phantom 2 Vision+ Aerial Photography
US$1,089.99 (HK$8,283.92)

'DJI' Phantom 2 Vision Aerial Photography
US$884.99 (HK$6,725.92)

'Cheerson' CX-30W 2.4G Remote Control Toys 4CH 6 Axis RC Quadcopter Aerial Photography
Code: RC-QC-CX-30-GN
US$88.99 (HK$676.32)

'5KU' Steel -14mm CCW Threaded Gamma 556 Style Muzzle (5KU-165)
Code: muz_0350
US$12.99 (HK$98.72)

'PPT Outdoor' LED and Laser Weapon Light for Rail Pistol (2HY01)
Code: aim_0528
US$53.99 (HK$410.32)

'Barsam Gear' 1.5" (Inch) Tactical Duty Belt (Black)
Code: tag_1986_blk
US$10.99 (HK$83.52)

'5KU' Aluminium Compensator for TM G17 +14mm Threaded Barrel in Silver (5KU-418-S)
Code: muz_0348_sil
US$12.99 (HK$98.72)

'A&K' Metal Shell 5000rds Electric Wind-up Magazine for PKM AEG
Code: mag_0554
US$69.99 (HK$531.92)

'ArmyForce Metal Sling Adaptor for AK GBB (AF-SA042)
Code: kit_1023
US$10.99 (HK$83.52)

'5KU' Aluminium Ultra Light +14mm Threaded Barrel For TM G17 in Gold (GB-419-G)
Code: kit_1020_gld
US$25.99 (HK$197.52)

'5KU' Skeletonized Berrier Stop Assembly for Keymod Hardguard (5KU-174)
Code: kit_1017
US$14.99 (HK$113.92)

'5KU' 7 Slot Rail Section for Keymod Handguard (5KU-170)
Code: kit_1015
US$10.99 (HK$83.52)

'5KU' K9 Direct Attach Barricade Support for Keymod Handguard (5KU-173)
Code: kit_1013
US$10.99 (HK$83.52)

'B&W Works' 120rds BB Loader with 7 Style Adaptor
Code: amo_0146
US$4.99 (HK$37.92)

'Hakkotsu (APS)' Metal 870 Any Other Weapon Shell Eject Shotgun(CAM870AOW)
Code: gun_1501
US$374.99 (HK$2,849.92)

'SHS' PTW Stardand Motor For Systema / G&D / Army PTW / DTW / CTW (SHS-335)
Code: prt_1277
US$62.99 (HK$478.72)

'ArmyForce' Wind-Up Magazine Gear for TM Magazine (AF-MAG018)
Code: prt_1276
US$5.99 (HK$45.52)

'5KU' 3" Leg Extensions for Atlas Style Bipod (5KU-145-1)
Code: pod_0054
US$7.99 (HK$60.72)

'5KU' M93 Style Swing Lever Mount (5KU-177-BK)
Code: mnt_0261
US$19.99 (HK$151.92)

'Madbull' Noveske KX5 Dummy Compensator for Airsoft (14mm CCW - MB-NOV-KX5)
Code: mad_0370
US$24.99 (HK$189.92)

'Madbull' Gemtech Gm-9 Dummy Suppressor and Barrel Extension (14mm CCW - MB-GT-GM-9)
Code: mad_0368
US$44.99 (HK$341.92)

'ArrmyForce' BB Loader Adaptor Set (Set of 7 Style - AF-MAG019)
Code: amo_0144
US$3.99 (HK$30.32)

'Tokyo Marui' Spare 30rds Shot Shell Magazines Set (Red - Set of 2)
Code: amo_0145
US$18.99 (HK$144.32)

*Code: CR-US500
US$475.00 (HK$3,610.00)

*Code: CR-US200
US$192.00 (HK$1,459.20)

*Code: CR-US100
US$97.00 (HK$737.20)

'Optics Depot' RMR Style Red Reflex Sight in Dark Earth (With ON/OFF Switch)
Code: aim_0527
US$58.99 (HK$448.32)

'ArmyForce' CNC Aluminium Lightweight Speed Blowback Housing for WE Hi-Capa Pistol (AF-IN0202)
Code: prt_1274
US$21.99 (HK$167.12)

'Solidfox' 12" x 12" (Inch) EPC Pouch Zip-On Panel, Multicam
Code: S-20141125-MC
US$79.99 (HK$607.92)

'Solidfox' 12" x 12" (Inch) EPC Molle Zip-On Panel, Multicam
Code: S-20131117-MC
US$49.99 (HK$379.92)

'Solidfox' EPC Side Pull M4 Magazine Pouch, Multicam
Code: S-20130304-MC
US$26.99 (HK$205.12)

'Solidfox' 13" x 13" (Inch) EPC Pack Zip-On Panel, Multicam
Code: S-20121014-MC
US$89.99 (HK$683.92)

'JCF' Airsoft Sound Grenade Thunder Pineapple Complete Set CO2 Powered (6pcs)
Code: tag_1983
US$36.99 (HK$281.12)

'FMA' Q.D. Multi-Angle Speed Magzine Pouch 2 for Hi-Capa / Glock (Dark Earth)
Code: tag_1982_de
US$8.99 (HK$68.32)

'FMA' Q.D. Multi-Angle Speed Magzine Pouch 2 for Hi-Capa / Glock (Black)
Code: tag_1982_blk
US$8.99 (HK$68.32)

'Z Tactical' PTT Wire for Z129 FBI Style Acoustic Headset (Z132)
Code: tag_1981_ken
US$4.49 (HK$34.12)

'Z Tactical' FBI Style Acoustic Headset with PTT (Z129)
Code: tag_1980_mot
US$15.99 (HK$121.52)
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'Z Tactical' TEA Releases Nes Hi-Threat Tier 1 Headset with Military Standard Plug (Woodland - Z110)
Code: tag_1979
US$64.99 (HK$493.92)

'Super Shooter' Hi-Power Series Tune-Up Spring for All TM AEG
Code: prt_1266
US$4.99 (HK$37.92)

'G&D' Metal AR / M4 / M16 PTW A3 Receiver (95120 - No Markings)
Code: kit_1007
US$95.99 (HK$729.52)
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'Element' DBAL-eMKII Aiming Laser with Flashlight (EX328 - Dark Earth)
Code: aim_0526
US$67.99 (HK$516.72)
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'ArmyForce' Pin Opener/ Removal Tool for Large Tamiya (AF-TL014)
Code: prt_1265
US$5.99 (HK$45.52)

'SHS' Aluminium Bore-up 19.7mm Air Nozzle for AK Series AEG (SHS-322)
Code: prt_1257
US$5.99 (HK$45.52)

'5KU' Aluminium Cocking Handle for TM G17 (GB-417)
Code: kit_1006_blk
US$7.99 (HK$60.72)

'ArmyForce' 3.5" (Inch) Metal Rail for UXR-4 Handguard (Tan)
Code: kit_1004
US$7.99 (HK$60.72)

'Leo' Max Gear EKIT-AK01 Kit For GHK AK74 Series GBB
Code: kit_1003
US$86.99 (HK$661.12)

'Leo' Max Gear EKIT-AK01 Kit For AK74 Series AEG
Code: kit_1002
US$54.99 (HK$417.92)

'Milspec Monkey' MSM Dive Girl Patch (SWAT)
Code: MM120530348
US$6.99 (HK$53.12)

'5KU' Stainless Spike Feet for Atlas Bipod (5KU-145-2)
Code: pod_0053
US$12.99 (HK$98.72)

'5KU' Metal Optima / Docter / Vortex Rear Sight Mount for TM G17 (GB-416)
Code: mnt_0258
US$7.49 (HK$56.92)

'5KU' Metal Aimpoint Micro Rear Sight Mount for TM G17 (GB-415)
Code: mnt_0257
US$7.49 (HK$56.92)

'Barsam Gear' Molle Shotgun Ammo Pouch (Desert)
Code: tag_1978_des
US$8.99 (HK$68.32)

'Barsam Gear' Molle Shotgun Ammo Pouch (Black)
Code: tag_1978_blk
US$8.99 (HK$68.32)

'Barsam Gear' Molle Double 40mm Grenade Pouch (Black)
Code: tag_1977_blk
US$6.99 (HK$53.12)

'Barsam Gear' 23" x 9" Inch Molle Gun Bag for Shotgun (Black)
Code: tag_1976_blk
US$18.99 (HK$144.32)

'Barsam Gear' 29" x 6" Inch Molle Gun Bag for Shotgun (Black)
Code: tag_1975_blk
US$16.99 (HK$129.12)

'Hakkotsu (APS)' Carrier Spring Soft for CAM870 Series (CAM009)
Code: prt_1254
US$4.99 (HK$37.92)

'Hakkotsu (APS)' Cartridge O-Ring Set Pack of 10pcs (CAM005)
Code: prt_1253
US$5.99 (HK$45.52)

'Hakkotsu (APS)' 4+1 Magazine Spring for CAM870 Series (CAM021)
Code: prt_1252
US$8.99 (HK$68.32)

'Hakkotsu (APS)' Ejecting Plate for CAM870 Series (CAM028)
Code: prt_1251
US$11.99 (HK$91.12)

'Hakkotsu (APS)' Scope Mount Pins for CAM870 Series (CAM017)
Code: prt_1250
US$4.99 (HK$37.92)

'Hakkotsu (APS)' Aluminium 2.5" Breaching Flash Hider for CAM870 Series (CAM0033)
Code: muz_0346
US$25.99 (HK$197.52)

'Hakkotsu (APS)' Aluminium 3.5" Breaching Flash Hider for CAM870 Series (CAM0032)
Code: muz_0345
US$34.99 (HK$265.92)

Hakkotsu (APS)' TAR Scope Mount for CAM870 Series (CAM016)
Code: mnt_0256
US$28.99 (HK$220.32)

Hakkotsu (APS)' Tactical Picatinny Rail for CAM870 Series (CAM015)
Code: mnt_0255
US$28.99 (HK$220.32)
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