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'Asia Electric Guns' G36C AEG (AEG001RBK)
'Asia Electric Guns' G36C AEG (AEG001RBK)
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Weight: 4.5kg
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RSOV.com is so glad to have the chance to develop business relationship with the new airsoft guns manufacturer in Hong Kong - 'Asia Electric Guns' and work with them directly to distribute their own released AEGs, parts and accessories.

Different with those A.C.M. (All Chinese Made) guns manufacturers,  'Asia Electric Guns' is a Hong Kong based airsoft gun manufacturer got their own office and assembly lines locally in Hong Kong and applying international standard of Q.C. (Quality Check) to make sure every piece of their product is  highly reliable and accurate in every aspects just out of the box. Their international grade management and work flow also ensure affordable product price, trouble-free and stable supply of their products compare to the products being produced entirely in mainland China.

Under the rapid growing of the worldwide airsoft industry as well as higher and higher requirement from worldwide airsofters,  the business model of 'Asia Electric Guns' is no doubt towarding the correct direction to provide much higher quality AEGs and accessories to fill their customers needs.

Besides the famous G36C and PDW AEGs that currenty available in the market 'Asia Electric Guns' also working on other hot models such as M4A1, SR-15, SR-16, P90 as well as M7A1 with licensed Magpul furnitures and will be released shortly.

With full support from 'Asia Electric Guns' we are starting to distribute their products and accepting both retail and dealer orders. For dealer enquiry please kindly forward your email to us at ' sales@hk-knd.com '.


Wholesale inquiries are welcome at ' sales@hk-knd.com'


Check out the Youtube clip showing more details of the gun, Clip courtesy of 'wgc shop'

'Asia Electric Guns' G36C AEG (AEG001RBK), same quality with 'JG' - JingGong G608 G36C AEG.


Shooting mode: Semi-Auto, Auto
Length: 505mm / 715mm
BlowBack function: Not Support
Stock type: Folding Stock
Magazine capacity: Around 470rds 6mm Wind-up
Metal parts: Flash Hider, Bottom Rail
Plastic parts: Main Body, Top Rail, Stock, Motor Grip Magazine
Power: For reference only: around 326-426fps (Not guarantee the further test results will fall into the above range of velocity)
Accessories: 8.4v Battery, Charger
assault rifle
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Product Review
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Name: Alper Egitmen Date: 2011-02-21 19:23:39
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Register Date: 2010-12-28
It is not 430fps, it fires around 380 fps. being 430 fps is only advantage against Jg g36c, but not anymore because manufacturer change it in order to sell it to different countries.

Now it has only disadvantage compare to Jg, and it is price.. And a -50 fps dissapoint of when you first see result in chrono a specially if this is your first aeg.

Other things are seems to be OK, i'm beginner so don't expect me detailed review. But generally g36c's has charming look, easy to carry and use.

Gun is using gearbox v3.
Attaching magazines to each other is very handy.

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