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140mm LED Tactical Scout Light (full / half / flash output Mode)
140mm LED Tactical Scout Light (full / half / flash output Mode)
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140mm LED Tactical Scout Light with full / half / flash output Mode color in black and flat dark earth.

Mode: full / half / flash output

Length: 140mm

Power source: 2 x CR123A type batteries

Note: The Vanaras CR123A Batteries are for demonstration only, and the price is NOT included.

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Name: Gustav Östansjö Date: 2011-06-22 18:21:53
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Register Date: 2010-12-02
I'll start off by saying you put in the battery from the top. I was trying to put it in from the bottom like standard lights but it was too narrow, made me very confused.

The finish is very nice,(black) fake markings also good. Mounts well to all rails I've tried it on, Mount is very sturdy.

The tailcap has no separate swich for the 3 different modes. just the one button.
The 3 different functions are on a sequense. first time you turn it on you get full output, second time you get half, third time you get the ultra cool strobe flashing=) You must turn it off in between the modes, you cant go STROBE...turn it off and then turn on STROBE again without passing through full and half output. I hope I explained it well enough.

The three diferent modes work properly!
Being a metal construction it weighs just a little more then an m6 light thats mainly plastic.

I highly recommend this product
/ Franzie

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