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'Hakkotsu (APS)' M4 Patriot Electric Blow Back Rifle AEG (ASR106)
'Hakkotsu (APS)' M4 Patriot Electric Blow Back Rifle AEG (ASR106)
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Weight: 4.5kg
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'APS' M4 Patriot Electric Blow Back Rifle AEG (ASR106)

Shooting mode: Semi-Auto, Full Auto
Length: 520mm
BlowBack function: Electric Blow Back
Stock type: Fixed
Magazine capacity: Around 300 rds 6mm Wind-up
Metal parts: Outer barrel, Receiver, Stock, Flash Hider
Plastic parts: Grip
Power: For reference only: around 225-325fps (Not guarantee the further test results will fall into the above range of velocity)
Accessories: Magazine

Recommend to configure 7.4v or 11.1v Li-Poly type battery.

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Name: Chris Andrews Date: 2011-01-26 21:47:50
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Register Date: 2010-11-25
An absolute 5/5. This gun is wel worth the money, constructed near perfect - the only thing on the downside is the mag's have a bit of wobble in them when inserted (a bit of duct tape helped solve the issue) but I really cannot give another bad note.
Mostly metal, even the mag is metal, very strudy and no signs of rattle, Excellent Size/Weight ratio pulling in at 2.5Kg's. It can be shouldered so close to your body it is perfect for CQB. Can hit targets easily at approx. 40ft but still testing!

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