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'JG' - Jing Gong full metal SR25 AEG with fixed stock (FB6651)
'JG' - Jing Gong full metal SR25 AEG with fixed stock (FB6651)
Code: gun_0432
Price: US$235.99
Weight: 5.5kg
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Stock Condition: In Stock



'JG' - Jing Gong SR25 AEG with fixed stock, foregrip, metal body and forend.

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Name: romain Date: 2012-09-04 23:11:15
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Register Date: 2010-11-14
Pros: Price, style, 390fps @ 0.20g out of the box with good grouping at 40/45 m, MosFet installed in stock ( to protect your switch assembly ), unusual and confortable pistol grip.

Cons: Not a true SR25 gearbox, just a V.2 ( regular cylinder size ) with an extra length, otherwise the cylinder is drilled at 1/3 ( Like an M4 one ), so if you plan to use it as a DMR or light sniper rifle you'll have to buy a cylinder without hole and not using inner barrel longer than 500/550 mm, I managed to install a 650 mm Madbull Tight Bore and only achieve 350 fps, the volume of air injected in the barrel being insufficient. The stock is really too small for me and not so "real style". The ejection port does not open by itself when using the bolt carrier, you'll need a thin screw driver as the piece is magnetically sticked to the bolt cover. Some lack of engineering on the craftmanship.

Overall, for 150 bucks it's a great deal BUT for 30$ more, you'll get an A&K SR25 which is far more efficient and usable as a sniper rifle, and as it does not have mosfet, it's certainly the only cons I can made ( I've owned an A&K too ).

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