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Free Shipping!!! 'Pantac' Molle Wasatch,Cordura
Free Shipping!!! 'Pantac' Molle Wasatch,Cordura
Code: VT-C013-TN-A
Price: US$103.99
Weight: 0kg
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Dear freinds / customers
RSOV.com is now starting to stock and wholesale 'Pantac' tactical nylon products. As they have over 3,000 products available with different size and color, camo pattern we may have to purchase additional quantity other than from our inventory to fill your order.

We are adding product pictures to our listings so please visit 'Pantac' official web site for the product details. We apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Please kindly understand the situation and allow addition 5-10 business days for your 'Pantac' items to be dispatched.

For wholesales enquiries please contact our wholesale department at ' sales@hk-knd.com ' we will get back to you with the wholesale pricing and necessary shipping cost.

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