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'Vanaras' M4 PTW/DTW spare aluminum magazine (30/60/90/120 rds.)
'Vanaras' M4 PTW/DTW spare aluminum magazine (30/60/90/120 rds.)
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'Vanaras' M4 PTW/DTW spare aluminum magazine (30/60/90/120 rds.)

Designed to work with the original Japanese 'Systema' M4 PTW airsoft gun and clones.

It is also suitable to the newly G&D DTW AR series.

*** This full-aluminum and light-weight PTW magazine (NOT heavy and rusty sheet steel ... ) from ' Vanaras ' is new version can work with the early production runs of PTW lower receiver from Systema and clones with smaller magazine well dimensions.

Product Features :

- Light weight aluminum magazine housing same as the real one. 
- Semi-transparent plastic inner magazine assembly for easy BB feed trouble shooting.
- Will work with the original Japanese 'Systema' M4 PTW airsoft guns and clones.
- Equipped with stiff spring to deal with 0.20g to 0.3g BB.
- Specially designed magazine follower without the need of additional 'Systema ' eye-drop style follower. 

- Easy spring replacement system for spring cleaning, lubrication and even replacement. 
- Designed with stoppers for 30 / 60 / 90 and 120 rds BB capacity to suit your combat needs. 
- Labeling area are available on magazine for your personal note such as BB bullet weight and personnel ID identification.
- Comes with color label as shown in the pics.
- Wholesale inquiries are welcome.

*** Small drops of silicon oil should be applied to the inner case BB chamber regularly for smooth operation of BB bullets loading and delivery !

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