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'Madbull' Ultimate Ball Bearing Spring Guide Ver. III (MB-ULSG-3)
'Madbull' Ultimate Ball Bearing Spring Guide Ver. III (MB-ULSG-3)
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'Madbull' Ultimate Ball Bearing Spring Guide Ver. III (MB-ULSG-3).

The version 3 ball bearing spring guide features a slightly thinner diameter shaft to accommodate springs of all sorts, making it more forgiving for both the spring and piston to compress. The spring guide's shaft is built-in with the top bearing plate to allow more rigidity and maximum spring decompression. As a spring decompresses, the bearings allow full rotational twisting of the guide shaft adding improved rounds-per-second and maximum power by allowing rotational torque in the spring not to build up. The guide itself is CNC Aluminium with a smooth anodized finish making it tough, lightweight and low friction. This model is designed for use in AEG version 3 gearboxes.

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