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'G&P' 'Magpul M4 CQB MOE AEG (Black)
'G&P' 'Magpul M4 CQB MOE AEG (Black)
Code: gun_0612
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'G&P' 'Magpul M4 CQB MOE AEG (Dark Earth)

***Had licence from Magpul PTS*** Magazine Capacity: 120 Length: 680mm / 770mm Weight: Built Material: Metal & ABS Inner Barrel Length: 10.5" Muzzle Velocity: 265-295fps (0.8-1J)(0.25bb) Gearbox: 8mm Bearing Gearbox Motor: G&P M120 Hi-Speed Battery: Advise using 7.2v or 8.4v Battery (Not Include) Included: -M4 Magpul Type Metal Body (Sand) (GP928S) -Magpul PTS MOE Handguard (Dark Earth) -Magpul PTS PMAG (120rds) (Dark Earth) -Magpul PTS MBUS Rear Sight (Dark Earth) -Magpul PTS MOE Grip (Dark Earth) -Magpul PTS CTR Battery Stock (Dark Earth) -Manual


Shooting mode: Semi-Auto, Auto
Length: 680mm to 770mm(Extended Stock)
Stock type: Extendable
Magazine capacity: Around 120 rds 6mm Wind-up
Metal parts: Body, Outer Barrel
Plastic parts: Magazine, Grip, Stock, Handguard
Power: For reference only: around 195-295fps (Not guarantee the further test results will fall into the above range of velocity)
Accessories: Magazine
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