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'WE' M16A1 VN Vietnam GBB Rilfes
'WE' M16A1 VN Vietnam GBB Rilfes
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Weight: 4.5kg
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'WE' M16A1 VN Vietnam GBB Rilfes

Shooting mode: Semi-Auto, Auto
Length: 1000mm
BlowBack function: Support
Stock type: Fixed
Metal parts: Receiver, Outer barrel, Magazine, Sights
Plastic parts: Grip, Handguard, Stock
Magazine capacity: Around 30 rds 6mm
Power: For reference only: around 358-458fps (Not guarantee the further test results will fall into the above range of velocity)
Accessories: Magazine, BB loader
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Product Review
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Name: Alexander Schweickerdt Date: 2011-06-15 02:44:49
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Register Date: 2011-03-04
This is my review of the WE M16A1 GBBR (OPEN BOLT/CHAMBER). I decided to do a review on this gun as its release was very much anticipated and now it is finally here. The new Open Bolt M16A2/A3/A4 and the M4 and HK416 will also be the same internally. So this review will pretty much give you a good idea on what to expect when buying an WE Open Bolt Armalite.


I was very excited about getting my hands on this rifle as it is my first Gas Blow Back Rifle and I always have wanted a Vietnam era M16. This rifle took forever to be released and after many many videos it is finally mine!
My expectations for this gun were very high as the reviews on the newer guns from WE Tech were very good. Finally a GBB rifle that does not break the bank. And I was not disappointed!

First Impressions

Just a brief view of the packaging, as with most WE guns the rifle is not very nicely packaged. But it serves it purpose and the rifle is undamaged and clean. The two halves of the rifle are securely tied down with cable ties.

What do you get:

-1 Magazine
-BB Loading Tool
-No Battery
-No Charger
-Delta Ring Wrench

Obviously the first thing I did was remove it from its packaging and assemble it. Once the gun is in one piece I noted how well it is made and how well the bits fit together.
The magazine also clips in solid with no wobble. The first let down was the colour of the receiver. As far as I am aware the M16A1's had a colt grey receiver, not black as this one is. But this was soon overshadowed by how cool this guns sounds when you pull back the charging handle.
The gun is quite light, but still has enough weight to feel real. This means it will note tire you during long games, which is a good thing.

Shooting it is excellent fun. It makes a hell of a racket, which is fantastic! Along with the angry pop sounds comes a very solid blow back, to which you cannot help but give an evil grin. The blowback is so good, you feel it in your cheek when you aim down the sights...
However just as you are about to start shooting, the mag is already empty. The thing only holds 20 rounds, which is cool but it will take some getting used to.
Extra mags are quite pricey, but a must if you wish to use it in a game.

Going into Detail

So today I pulled the gun apart so I could show you the internals, especially as this is the new Open Bolt Armalite from WE that differs a bit from the old AWSS (brass tube) version.

The trigger assembly seems very well made and the workmanship on the bits looks good. Also the fire selector has a very crisp click when you move it. It also has no wobble... nothing.

Concerning the recoil buffer, I am not sure how it compares to the Western Arms replicas, but it is very light... ans also very finely made. Excellent workmanship.

In the back of the stock there is a storage compartment. Excellent for keeping some extra goodies, maybe some tools or whatever. It is big, I can fit my whole Cellphone in there plus some other rubbish. A very cool feature. But as far as I am aware this version of M16A1 did not have that compartment. Only the later models had it... but it is a small detail I do not really care about.

The pistol grip is very very well made and feels very rigid in your hand. Good quality material used here.

Now the most important bit of the whole gun, the bolt carrier. It is heavy and very well made. Close examination shows that WE put a lot of work in giving us a very very high quality product with a very good finish. The bolt (nozzle) is well made and will stand up to lots of shooting...

The forward assist on the gun is actually functional, which I am not aware of on the AWSS M16's. It really works..

The hopup unit seems very unique. Apparently it is the same one as in the WE L85, but I am not sure. Is is a metal unit that sits very snug in the gun... very well made. Only it is a nightmare to adjust. It is adjusted by the small grub screw above the mouth... not that takes a tiny allen key and getting to it when the gun is assembled is a massive fiddle. But at least once it is adjusted, it seems to stay adjusted.

Now some externals...

The rear sight is adjusted on the side using the dial.

The rear sight has a ghost ring and peep sight. It has a crisp click, no wobble.

The front sight is a standard M16 sight, but it is a fiddle to adjust as the tool to do so was not supplied.

The handguard could have been made of a bit thicker plastic. It feels a bit cheap, but it is still very sturdy and well made. When attached to the gun it has no play and a very slight wobble if you really concentrate. But I am sure the real steel rifle also has this.

To remove the outer barrel you use the supplied wrench.

The outer barrel has a very good finish and it seems very ware resistant. When the delta ring is unscrewed, then the whole thing slides off neatly.

Oh yes, the gun has NO barrel wobble... NOTHING! Solid as a rock.

The rear of the outer barrel fits snug onto the receiver.

A unique feature on this gun is the three prong flash hider, which I really like. Very well made.

The magazine is an impressive bit of kit. No issues with it yet. Takes 20 rounds, empties them all no problem in the cold. No feeding issues. Excellent gas seal.
As with the older AWSS M16/M4, the mag has a small switch which allows you to turn the bolt catch on or off. This works ok, but it does not always stop the bolt. However I believe this is an issue with the mag, not the gun.

The gun can also take the longer 30 round mags if you do not mind spoiling the look of the M16A1.

Now for some noted issues

The first thing that broke on the gun was the bit next to the loading nozzle when a bb jammed. Luckily not a functional part, but still annoying. It was however my own fault as I pulled the charging handle without removing the mag, feeding a new BB. I did not think and then I pressed the forward assist, which works, resulting in me breaking the bolt head. Not a disaster, just a cosmetic irritation.

The other bit that is giving me hassles is the dust cover clip thingy. WE have not secured it very well, so it came loose. Not a trainsmash as I can just solder it back or glue it. Once again not a functional part, but still annoys me.


I have not really done any accuracy tests, but an RA-TECH video showed that the guns shoots very well. So far I am majorly impressed with its accuracy. Its hopup, once you manage to adjust it, works great. I get very good range.
Rate of fire is excellent and semi auto works flawlessly.
The sights work great as well.


Overall I am very impressed with this gun from WE. Really well made and at a very good price. I would give it a 8/10. If it was the correct colour and the dust cover was properly made, then it would have gotten a 10/10 from me. I am more than happy with my purchase. I would surely recommend this rifle to anyone who wants a M16A1 GBBR..

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