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'Madbull' XMPB4 4rds Paintball + Smoke + 50rds 6mm (XM-PB4)
'Madbull' XMPB4 4rds Paintball + Smoke + 50rds 6mm (XM-PB4)
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'Madbull' XMPB4 4rds Paintball + Smoke + 50rds 6mm.

XM-PB4: Muti-functions grenade. This model has 6 times more gas capacity than other grenades.

(1) Spread out 4 rounds 0.68" paintballs. (RED gas is the best to shoot paintballs.) (2) Easily load with 100 rounds B.B. and shoot out all at once. * (If CO2 filled, it will be extremely powerful!) (3) Smoke Grenade: Fill baby powder and use it as a smoke grenade. * (HOT!!!) (4) The best power source of NERF: Insert NERF into the launcher barrel and use the huge volume of gas as the power. * A piece of paper or cotten may be needed to cover the front of the grenade.

For details of the product, please visit madbull official web site:


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