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'Madbull' Powder Shot Landmine (MB-PS01)
'Madbull' Powder Shot Landmine (MB-PS01)
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'Madbull' Powder Shot Landmine (MB-PS01).


The first mass produced Airsoft landmine in the market. For safty reason, this landmine is for generating powder only and use flour or corn starch as the powder for environmental reasons. CO2 is best for the powder shot. (LOUD!) Green gas or Red gas are still can be used. NOTE: (1) Please remember to remove the "safety ring" to fire the powder shot. (2) Please read instructions before use. (3) For best performance and for safety reasons, please don't cover the device by sharp objects, stones, or even B.B.s. We suggest that you use some leaves or something light to cover this device. (4) Please wear safety goggles. Face protection is highly recommended and needed.

For details of the product, please visit madbull official web site:


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