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'Madbull' Precision 0.20g Dark Knight Tracer BB 2000rds (Bottle) (MB-BB-DKT020)
'Madbull' Precision 0.20g Dark Knight Tracer BB 2000rds (Bottle) (MB-BB-DKT020)
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'Madbull' Precision 0.20g Dark Knight Tracer BB 2000rds (Bottle) (MB-BB-DKT020).

The Madbull Precision BB series all have a standard size of 5.95 +/- 0.01mm with precision lapping and polishing processes. Each bottle contains 2000rds.

The Dark Knight 0.20g Tracer BBs glow a bright Green in the darkness. Please Note that you will need a tracer unit to use the Dark Knight Tracer BBs effectively! Consider purchasing the Tokyo Marui Tracer unit, to use in conjunction with the Madbull Dark Knight Tracer BB series. [TM-AUTOTRACER]

For details of the product, please visit madbull official web site:


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