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A.C.M. red / green dot sight for MP5 / G3
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Name: Alexander Schweickerdt Date: 2011-03-19 16:25:45
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Register Date: 2011-03-04
Bought this red dot sight for my Mp5 SD6.

The sight is very well made and the finish is very good. If feels and looks like good quality. The Walther markings on the side give it that special something and I really like that.

The knob at the side turns smoothly and has definite smooth clicks as you adjust the brightness, although the difference in brightness levels is not really noticeable. Luckily it is bright enough for daylight use.
Adjusting the point is also very easy and the clicks are definite and crisp.

The option of green and red points is very nice.

I fitted this to my ICS Mp5 and my Galaxy PDW. The screws were a bit long, so I had to cut them so they fit on the receiver without scratching it. Besides that the sight fitted perfectly on my ICS, but I needed to mod my Galaxy Mp5 a bit as the slot on top of the receiver was too thin.

Now my biggest gripe with this sight has nothing to do with the sight itself, but more with the design. It is meant to be used without a rear sight, now with real steel Mp5's this is an option, but my ICS and Galaxy have a huge hole when you take of the rear sights. However the use of this aimpoint is possible with rear sights installed, they are a bit in the way.

The best would be if you could remove the front and rear sight, then this aimpoint will work great!

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