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'Magpul' PTS Green Label MS2 Sling (Dark Earth - MS2DE)
'Magpul' PTS Green Label MS2 Sling (Dark Earth - MS2DE)
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'Magpul' PTS Green Label MS2 sling, multi mission sling system. New function lock jaw connector can 360 degree rotation.

MS2 Sling

Driven by the operational experience of Magpul Dynamics instructors, the MS2 Multi-Mission Sling System was designed to give a versatile weapon-retention solution for a multitude of tactical environments and missions. As a standalone product, the rapidly-convertible MS2 allows an operator to leverage the maneuverability of single-point attachment for direct-action, or two-point attachment for stability. Single-hand adjustments, quick-detach lanyard and positive-locking metal hardware provide flexibility and durability in a truly adaptable sling system.


Used in conjunction with the Magpul ASAP plate [sold separately], the MS2 enables seamless transitions into an array of shooting positions without getting bound or fouled. The MS2 concept allows switching from Weapon shoulder to Reaction Shoulder for shooting around corners, under vehicles, or to minimize exposure. The MS2 can also increase operator’s shoulder, arm, or hand.


The concept is simple: Your survivability rate dramatically increases if your gear allows you to move freely in a dynamic environment.




  • Fast Transition from Single-Point to Two-Point configuration.
  • Adjustment Loop for rapidly adding or removing sling tension with a single-hand
  • Quick-detach lanyard provides emergency weapon release
  • REAR MOUNT: Works with the MAGPUL ASAP Receiver End Plate for Optimal transitioning in Single-Point mode. Also compatible with most Snap-Loop sling connectors.
  • FRONT MOUNT: Compatible with most Full Sling Swivels/Loops for Two-Point use.
  • WARNING: This Sling is for Airsoft Gun only.


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