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'Vanaras' 6.03mm precision barrel for G36C, P90C CAR15, SG552 (247mm)
'Vanaras' 6.03mm precision barrel for G36C, P90C CAR15, SG552 (247mm)
Code: vns_8001_247
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'Vanaras' 6.03mm precision barrel for G36C, P90C CAR15, SG552 (247mm)

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Product Review
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Name: kwok fu Date: 2011-01-27 23:19:04
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Post: 1
Register Date: 2010-11-11
Installed one of these on a JG G36C. Accuracy is much better than the stock JG barrel. For the price its a great cheap upgrade for any ACM guns. However as the other reviewer said, the inside was pretty messy out of the box. Used some jewel polishing paste to polish the inside. My G36C gained around 15 fps with this barrel. I paired this barrel with a guarder clear type hopup bucking and nub and the result is great. Recommend these barrels as upgrade for ACM guns. For higher end guns i would recommend something better like madbulls or promethus.

Name: Pauli Nikula Date: 2011-01-26 23:21:36
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Post: 9
Register Date: 2010-11-12
Good barrel for the price. If it would be more expensive, then I would say not a very good. Ok but back to the topic, at least it seems to be more tight than a JG stock barrel because the muzzle velocity increased significantly with this. But the inside finish is bad. Even a stock JG barrel is way better polished from the inside than this. So the accuracy didn't increase with this barrel. I polished the barrel with car polish stuff and the inside started to look a little bit more smooth but still not perfect. But after this the accuracy increased significantly. But it's not so bad, actually I like the barrel and the fact that it made the gun to shoot harder. I'm actually thinking to buy one (longer 363mm) for my G36K, this one was for my friends SIG.

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